Support Orlando Victims and Prevent Further Attacks Today

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Support the victims in the Orlando Massacre

My heart is filled with extreme sorrow. I am incredibly shocked and saddened by what happened in Orlando on June 12th at Pulse Nightclub. The day I heard the news I cried my head off and felt unable to even leave my bed. I’ll never understand why these senseless tragedies continue to happen but what I do know is that we can stand in solidarity and stop these tragedies from happening by being vigilant.

On Monday, June 13th I stood with my community at Stonewall Inn as we listened to our politicians speak, watched as our friends cried, and spoke up for what we wanted. I was filled with emotion and a sense of unity that I had not felt before. I know that as a community we can work together to get what we need done to stop these heinous acts from occurring. 

Everyone can start by donating to the victims here:

Security at Nightclubs and Bars

Greater security measures need to be implemented to protect the LGBT community at nightclubs and bars nationwide and we need to be vocal about calling for these measures. It is immensely important that we take the necessary steps to increase security measures and/or security itself. I believe that large venues that have a capacity of 150 or more should consider wands to detect metal, more security guards, and more communication with police. Smaller venues should increase security measures–checking bags, pat downs, watching for suspicious activities, and more communication with police. I know that the NYPD has been active in checking security measures and I thank them greatly for their service.

While this may cause some patrons to be uneasy and turn some away, it is necessary to protect the lives of our beloved community members. No stone should be left unturned and we should ALL be vigilant in keeping our eyes open and speaking up. Please stand with me on urging nightclubs and bars to increase security measures to help protect our patrons.

Reinstate the Ban on Assault Weapons

We must work together in urging congress to reinstate ban assault rifles that expired in 2004. These weapons should not be in the hands of civilians. 9 in 10 on the terror watch list who sought assault weapons were approved in 2015! This is despicable and something needs to be done! Start by signing this petition:

E-mail your senator today and ask for:

1. Stricter background checks for all gun applicants
2. A psychiatric assessment on all gun applicants
3. CLOSE THE TERROR LOOPHOLE (Make sure that NO ONE on the Terror watchlist or no fly list does NOT get approved for a gun)
4. Reinstate the 1994 ban on assault weapons

If you live in NY, you can email NY state senator Chuck Schumer right here:


Let’s stand in SOLIDARITY and use our VOICES to spread awareness, support others, and commit to change. The only way we can prevent terror is by being vigilant and the only way we can stop hate is by spreading LOVE. Be a HERO TODAY.

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