How To Stay SAFE

safe, gay pride, safe nyc, safe gay, safety

safe, gay pride, safe nyc, safe gay, safety

Now, more than ever, it is vital that we do something to protect ourselves and our brothers and sisters. Luckily, we are more aware of how we can remain safe and what we can do to protect ourselves. I am sharing this list with you and hope that you will take note.

  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings – if something looks weird or not right, say something, call the police, etc. We  must remain vigilant in protecting ourselves and our community and the only way we can do that is by keeping our EYES OPEN.
  2. Know Your Venue – For every venue that you visit this pride be aware of the exits, entry points, etc.
  3. Go With Friends – Having friends around you is not only fun, it’s SAFE!
  4. Phone Battery CHARGED – Your phone is one of your major defenses. You need a phone in case of an emergency. Keep it CHARGED!
  5. Keep Friends and Family (if possible) Aware – Let your friends and loved ones know where you are going.
  6. Twitter, Facebook and the News is your Friend – Keep your eye on twitter by searching relevant hashtags relevant to the city you’re in. If something is happening or there has been a threat, most likely it will be on social media somewhere!
  7. Party Responsibly – Being safe is more than just ensuring you’re safe from the evil people of the world but you also want to make sure you are drinking and engaging in  “recreational” activities safely. Your life is precious, your body is a temple and life is beautiful – treat it as such.

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