Speak Up, Stand Up, and Stay StrongerTogether!

lgbtq rights, lgbt, strongertogether, gay rights, president trump, pence

lgbtq rights, lgbt, strongertogether, gay rights, president trump, pence

Let me say that although the election’s outcome is disparaging and, even, scary, there is hope and light still. We are not lost and we will make it through the next four years. We still won the popular vote and we are still Stronger Together.
That being said, we have a lot of work ahead of us and we need to work together diligently to ensure that our rights are protected and that we continue to advocate for full LGBTQ equality, safety, and access. Right now, our community needs this more than ever considering the current political climate and the fact that Trump has appointed the most anti-LGBTQ staff ever in the White House with religious right wing conservatives and a Supreme Court pick that has publicly advocated against sodomy!

We need to work together as a community and SPEAK UP for our rights, protection, safety, dignity, and access to services.  This is what real superheroes do and I truly believe that we can ALL add something by using our VOICES and fighting for full equality and our RIGHTS as AMERICANS!!

I am ready to work harder than ever with all of you. I truly believe that we will be okay because each of us is passionate about fighting systematic oppression and ensuring full equality for every race, gender, ethnic origin, orientation, nationality, and sexual orientation.

If anyone needs to talk, I am here to lend an ear.

Chris Ryan

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