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By Chris Ryan

Restore, Rejuvenate, and REINVENT Yourself!

Bigger Penis? w/ PRP and/or Dermal Filler

Treatment for increasing the girth of the penis (and length) w/o invasive surgery, achieved through the use of Hyaluronic Acid penis filler injections and/or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the safest . A safer alternative to traditional penoplasty; w/ minimal downtime & no risk. A bigger penis in 30 minutes is possible! Visit

Better Hairline w/ FUE Hair Extraction

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Have you ever wanted a better hairline? With today’s technology this is possible with very little downtime and no scar! Using this technique, each individual follicular unit extract (FUE) is carefully created directly from the scalp, rather than from a strip of donor tissue that has been removed from the scalp. The hair is then implanted to the front of the scalp to give you a better hairline or fill in that recession. And guess what? You’ll never lose that hair again! Visit: See Below:

Smoother Skin? Whiter Teeth? Imperfections GONE? 


Microdermabrasion and Laser PHOTOFACIAL

Microdermabrasion whisks away dead skin cells and laser increase collagen as well as over 30 FDA approved indications including: acne, rosacea, skin tags, spider veins, sun spots, and much, much more.


LED light expedites the whitening process that typically provides 3-5 shade improvement in tooth color.

Fast and pain free.

2 cycle treatment done in a single visit.

Visit: for more info

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