Horsemeat Disco at Elsewhere

Horse Meat Disco (Strut)
└└ Justin Strauss (a/jus/ted / Whatever/Whatever)

Michael Magnan (Fatherhood/FNV)
└└ Josh Steers (DO IT PROPERLY / NYC)

Chris Ryan
Levi Jackman Foster
Ryan McNally
Paloma Perez
Terence Edgerson
TJ Samson
Matt Ford


After six years of packed disco dance floors at Output featuring guest artists from around the world in the Panther Room, Horse Meat Disco is transforming again. We are excited to present the special opening event of Horse Meat Disco New York 2019 at Elsewhere. Same great music, warm disco vibe, all new venue, with even more room to dance.

The night will feature the DJ collective from London, Horse Meat Disco (Strut), with an opening set by NYC legend, Justin Strauss (A/JUS/TED/Whatever/Whatever) in The Hall at Elsewhere. In keeping with the spirit of our house/techno counter-programming, this MLK Weekend launch features Michael Magnan (Fatherhood/FNV) in Zone One, with an opening set by Josh Steers (Do it Properly/NYC).

Taking inspiration from a diverse, counter-cultural history of clubs and DJs, as well as from the sprawling, ever-expanding musical collections of it’s resident crew, the sound of HMD is impossible to place. Nonetheless their style is undeniable, as is a popper-scented air of sheer authenticity. Rooted in hedonism, rhythm, freedom and emotion, a Horse Meat Disco set reinforces everything invigorating about disco, as comfortable as shattering old-school mirror ball cliches as basking in their light.

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