BRUT on 9/18/21

New York Brüt Pillager on 9/18 Ah Hoy Matey! Brüt on a boat part 2 THE PILLAGER What better way to end the summer than to embark on the high seas with a boat full of leather men? What sights we have to show you as we pillage these shores and waters with some serious fire power provided by our ship’s captain Dan Darlington. Headlining this mean cruise is the dread pirate ABEL, along with his arsenal of house music weaponry. The delight of all the young and old who can still clack a fan. We will not go home empty handed, demanding booty at every port. The PILLAGER is coming! Guard your loins…….

Dan Darlington

2430 FDR DR Skyport Marina
Boarding is at 6:30
Cast off at 7:00pm-11pm
DO NOT BE LATE!!There is a limited number of spots on the boat so get your tickets now!!!Tickets at

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