Stealth for Men CORK Review – The most popular enhancement innerwear

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of Stealth for Men. I’ve even written a review about the Stealth Innerwear here. So when I heard about the new Stealth Corkscrew product, I had to get my hands on it!

“The Corkscrew can be worn on top of your Stealth inner wear for an active all-day stretch. Simply slide it on and twist the last few coils to secure in place. This targets the inner ligaments of your penis to gain length faster.”

The Corkscrew is a penis enlargement device. There are many types of penis enlargement devices on the market, like extenders, pumps and weights which are used by men to achieve increased length and girth. However, the Corkscrew is my favorite for the following reasons:

  • It uses the technology of both an extender and a weight to give you the benefits of both types of devices. No need to buy an extender device and a weight device, when you can just buy a Corkscrew.
  • It’s design is simple and easy to use. You won’t need to spend hours learning the device.
  • Unlike other stretchers, the Corkscrew can be comfortably worn for 8+ hours.
  • It’s convenient. It can be concealed under loose fitting clothes. This means you can wear the Corkscrew anytime while doing other activities.
  • Most penis enlargement devices come in “small, medium, large” sizes which don’t always fit everyone properly. The Corkscrew comes in 99 custom-fit sizes based on your exact measurements so you know it’s designed to fit perfectly for you.
  • It’s affordable. The Corkscrew only costs $50. Other penis enlargement devices cost $150-$500 or more.

With other devices, you need to dedicate 1-2 hours out of your day (in privacy) to do a “penis enlargement session/workout”. This can be very inconvenient (or even impossible) if you live with your partner/family/roommates or have a busy schedule. But you won’t have this issue with the Corkscrew because its so convenient and can be worn under your clothes while doing other activities.

The corkscrew should be worn if you’re truly ready to extend the length of your penis. Studies have shown that weights or extenders worn over time can stretch the penis .5 to 1″! This is easy to wear under baggy clothing and if you’re sitting in an office all day, why not? I highly recommend this product!

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